Here at RIA Menorca we’ve been making original avarca sandals for 70 years, using a handcrafted process with meticulous attention to detail so that you can enjoy genuine quality shoes with the ‘Avarca de Menorca’ guarantee.

Established in 1947 by Bartolomé Truyol, our family business still follows the traditional manufacturing process for abarca sandals, using recycled rubber tyre for the soles. We have a wide range of over 200 avarca designs for women, men and children



In 1915, in a small village of La Rioja, Gregorio had the idea of creating a pair of plimsolls. He gave them his first lover's name, his wife Victoria. During the last 100 years, many people have worn Victoria on their feet.

We have always thought that in order to make love last for years, you should take care of it day by day. This philosophy has brought us to these days and it will make us continue for other hundred years.



We are Gioseppo, a family run business with lots of ambitions and concerns. In 1991 we decided to stake everything to create a brand concept that did not exist. Our intention was to go the extra mile while always being true to ourselves, and it seems that we are getting there. We started selling in Spain but today we are already present in more than 60 countries (including Australia) throughout the world, and we do not discard to be on other planets soon ;).